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Our Story

O U R  S T O R Y

 Born in San Antonio, Texas, Nathan S. Sloan and Cynthia L. Hernandez, high school sweethearts, married on February 7, 1993. During the first few years of marriage complications began to arise and they struggled to stay together. 

After their third year of marriage they both decided to settle on a divorce, which was to proceed only after the Christmas holidays. During this time period they had two small children and hoped to keep a good relationship for their girls. Everything changed that Christmas Eve in 1996 when Cynthia was killed in a car wreck and pronounced dead at the scene. She had a life after death experience which changed both their lives.

This intense experience became the pinnacle in their understanding for their purpose in life and Jesus Christ. Nathan and Cynthia have traveled/ preached in several places testifying over her experience as well as the change in their restored marriage. They both have appeared on television appearing on Daystar Celebration sharing their experiences.

They now have four children, Ashliee, Kayla, Sara, and Josiah. Nathan, son of Glenn and Louise Sloan, is the youngest and only son of four children. Glenn Sloan, Nathan's father was an associate pastor and later became an evangelist of the Gospel. Glenn's death was in 1999 and from that point on was the turning point in which Nathan began to carry out the footsteps of what his father had started in the ministry.

Nathan and his family traveled for two years in different parts of the U.S. for a season to minister as God would lead. They then settled in the Houston area and began a small construction company. After a few years in the construction field God began to put in their heart to help people through ministry in a more prominent way. They began having full on services every Saturday night in January of 2010. Their two daughters Ashliee and Kayla began taking part in the meetings through music and the youth ministry, and currently do the Worship and Media for both. As of now, the whole family has an integral part of the church and will continue to walk in unity as a family to accomplish God's complete purpose in their lives as well as those God puts in their paths.


ISAIAH 40:31

 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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I Didn't Come To Start a Church

I Came To Start a Fire In You

Core Values

Core Values


We Honor God


Are Led By The Holy Spirit


We Put God First In Everything


What We Believe


-We believe in one God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

-That The Lord Jesus Christ, was conceived of the Holy Spirit,born of the Virgin Mary, crucified & died, buried & resurrected, ascended into heaven,now seated at the right hand of God, & is both true God & true man.

-The Bible in its entirety-the Word of God & the unfailing rule of Faith & conduct.

-In the resurrection of the dead, the eternal happiness of the saved, & the

eternal punishment of the lost.

-In personal salvation of Believers through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.


-In sanctification through the Word of God & by the Holy Spirit, & in personal holiness, purity of heart & life.

-In divine healing through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, & that healing is included in the Redemption.

-Inwater baptism, in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (speaking with tongue) - where the Spirit of God gives utterance, in the gifts of the Spirit,& in the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.

-In the coming and return of the Lord Jesus Christ.



We strongly believe that having the full understanding of God’s Word is the pinnacle to changing people’s lives as a whole. We teach the principals of living by faith and not by sight! Beginning from financial freedom,  walking in divine health, to having successful marriages;  We are committed to equipping people from the North,South, East & West of this world with the knowledge and wisdom needed to make decisions that will positively impact their futures and teach them to live VICTORIOUS LIVES from the minute they come through the doors of Faith For Life Church!



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Apostle Nathan


Apostle Nathan Sloan, also known as "Dad" to many of the Faith For Life sons and daughters, is a mighty man of God who operates in and through all offices of the five-fold ministry. His yieldedness to God, Apostolic vision, prophetic accuracy, revelatory and relevant teaching, heart to travel to reach the lost and wayward children, and mission to bring revival back to America is extremely evident at Faith For Life Church. He is full of the fire of the Holy Ghost and has accepted the call to speak and preach the bold truth of the true Gospel that is lacking in our society today. He leads by example as a powerful image of the role of a man of God in family as a husband and father, as well as in ministry. He teaches to carry revival, walk upright before the Lord boldly in obedience to the unction of the Holy Ghost. Through a mighty encounter with the Lord as a young man sitting beside his father's death bed, Apostle Nathan opened up to God and sought Him like never before. This encounter was a pivotal point in his and his family's life for God to become more real to them than ever before. Countless encounters, miracles, victories, testimonies and many years later, all six members of the Sloan family can now be found serving and leading beautifully within the ministry. Those that choose to also walk as sons and daughters of God first and Apostle, know and trust his headship to equip them for the work of service and building up the body of Christ. 

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Apostle Cyndi


Apostle Cynthia Sloan, also known as "Mom" to many of the Faith For Life sons and daughters, is without a doubt the backbone to the ministry. Behind every service, event, revival, classroom or meeting her character and integrity can be seen everywhere. She is a genuine, loving Apostle and mother to many by her transparency to call everyone under her guidance to come up higher, walk in excellence and get real with their walk with the Lord. During an encounter with death in 1993 Apostle Cyndi was pronounced dead at the scene of a car accident and stood before the Lord. The Lord's words to her have now shaped and impacted the lives of all those that have come in contact with her with a receptive heart and open spirit. By defeating stage four cancer, she also knows just what it means to stand in faith and fight for healing and victory. She leads the women of the church to be the Woman, Wife and Mother that this world could never teach someone to be. To do what is right and honorable until the Lord, unto their husbands and children. She can be found at any service worshipping on stage with the worship team, giving the announcements, checking on classrooms, making sure everything is flowing smoothly, eager to meet newcomers and ministering alongside of her husband of 28 years, Apostle Nathan.

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& Dany Cruz

Worship Leaders

Ashliee is the oldest daughter of Apostle Nathan and Pastor Cynthia Sloan. She is the Worship leader for the Faith For Life Church worship team and has traveled the world worshipping. She has learned how to sing, play guitar and piano by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Her team functions as a multi-lingual team, singing in many different tongues and languages. Her heart for worship is pure, genuine and honorable. She carries the sound of revival and opens tangible realms of Heaven when she worships. Ashliee also has the heart to train up a younger generation of true worshippers, which is why she frequently attends the children's classes to worship with them and allow them to worship alongside of her. When she is not leading Worship she can be found diligently working her tshirt and accessory business, DTG Dauntless Designs. All of the Faith For Life Church shirts and event shirts are made by her. Be encouraged to pick up a copy of service CD, search on Youtube or listen through the Faith FOr Life Church app to listen to her and her team's music and worship with them at home, in your car and on your job. 

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Media Leader

Kayla is the second oldest daughter to Apostle Nathan and Pastor Cynthia Sloan. Kayla is a woman of God of many talents, skills, interests and powerful testimonies. She has a beautiful gift to minister through flag and dance and can be found worshipping at many of the Faith For Life Church services. As the Coordinator of the Media department, she has developed her craft for videography, photography, editing, creation/upkeep of social media platforms along with website creation and design. She has trained up and worked alongside many who now also serve in the Media Department. When you use the FFL Church app, church website or watch services online, you are seeing her faithfulness to the ministry by the work of her hands. Her touch can also be seen through the interior design of the church. Not only does she have an eye for design, but she also has an eye to see prophetically into the Spirit realm. 




Youth Leader

Sara is the third youngest daughter of Apostle Nathan and Pastor Cynthia Sloan. Being Pastor "Moms" Assistant Sara has grown up in the ministry she has found her place as a part of the Faith For Life Church Worship and Media teams. She has always had an interest to learn instruments and music but currently serves as a regular vocalist on the worship team. She also serves in the Media department operating cameras for live services. Her talents also include fashion, beauty and makeup artistry. 

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Josiah is the youngest and only son of Apostle Nathan and Pastor Cynthia Sloan. He is currently being trained up under his Daddy as his little right-hand man. He has been marked as a Prophet and already flows and operates in the Prophetic even at his young age. Josiah is known as a nice friend to other children his age and walks upright in character as a leader in the children's ministry. Josiah enjoys singing and worshipping. He has even been on stage to sing with his big sister Ashliee at a few Faith For Life Church services. 


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