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 Born in San Antonio, Texas, Nathan S. Sloan and Cynthia L. Hernandez, high school sweethearts, married on February 7, 1993. During the first few years of marriage complications began to arise and they struggled to stay together.

After their third year of marriage they both decided to settle on a divorce, which was to proceed only after the Christmas holidays. During this time period they had two small children and hoped to keep a good relationship for their girls. Everything changed that Christmas Eve in 1996 when Cynthia was killed in a car wreck and pronounced dead at the scene. She had a life after death experience which changed both their lives.

This intense experience became the pinnacle in their understanding for their purpose in life and Jesus Christ. Nathan and Cynthia have traveled/ preached in several places testifying over her experience as well as the change in their restored marriage. They both have appeared on television appearing on Daystar Celebration sharing their experiences.




They now have four children, Ashliee, Kayla, Sara, and Josiah. Nathan, son of Glenn and Louise Sloan, is the youngest and only son of four children. Glenn Sloan, Nathan's father was an associate pastor and later became an evangelist of the Gospel. Glenn's death was in 1999 and from that point on was the turning point in which Nathan began to carry out the footsteps of what his father had started in the ministry.

Nathan and his family traveled for two years in different parts of the U.S. for a season to minister as God would lead. They then settled in the Houston area and began a small construction company. After a few years in the construction field God began to put in their heart to help people through ministry in a more prominent way. They began having full on services every Saturday night in January of 2010. Their two daughters Ashliee and Kayla began taking part in the meetings through music and the youth ministry, and currently do the Worship and Media for both. As of now, the whole family has an integral part of the church and will continue to walk in unity as a family to accomplish God's complete purpose in their lives as well as those God puts in their paths.

"God Didn't Call Me to start a Church, He called Me to start a Fire!"

-Apostle Nathan Sloan

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